May 14, 2013 School Committee Meeting Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
May 14, 2013 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room
Present: Dewey Wyatt, Jim Biancolo, Bianca Daigle, Monica Zanin, Jenevra Strock, Michelle Smith, Mike Syzmanski, Deb Borosky. Dr. Ripa- absent

1.Call to Order -7:04

2.Public Concerns Mike Syzmanski, concerned that teachers are being reassigned in lower grades. Monica Zanin: puts teachers where they are most effective, high expectations and standards for early childhood team. Deb Borosky, feels that SPED is very important program and should be valued. Jim: reminds to please be respectful to teachers, not discuss personnel issues publicly. Bianca – staff are all skilled teachers, part of this organization and enjoy teaching, details will sort themselves out, kids will not be affected by changes.

3.Correspondence: none

4.Review and Approval of March 12, April 11 minutes March, under SI report “extraordinary cost” changes to “increased cost.” April – revise SI report – clarify regionalization study w. Lee/Lenox. Group budget items together into subsets, make easier to read. Unanimously approved as revised.

5.Principal’s Report
a.2013-2014 Calendar- snow day make up? BD will give calendar to parent who offered to review for conflicts w. Jewish holidays. BD move to accept, DW 2nd unanimously approved.
b.End-of-Year activities Heritage fest, great event, wonderful showcase for school. Concert, very impressive, chorus won gold. An author and a Math specialist came to school. Talent show, play, graduation, playground clean up all coming soon. 5 Adults and 11 students to Natures classroom trip. Philadelphia has security guard for hotel, chaperones being addressed by Monica in regard to supervision, Monica and Geoff Bell Devany both going on trip, Barbara Ripa will be at RCS as acting principal during trip.
c.School Choice 2014 update: 24 new SC, 6 Pre K, 10 new Richmond students. DW, what makes people purchase houses here? Monica – parents like pk-8 model and all the school has to offer.

6.Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Ripa absent, read by JB
a.Status of septic tank, Alan will report after it is pumped out. Engineering study- no bids, needs to be reworked.
b.Summer retreat/workshop for school committee and administration, can pick a date and come up with an agenda.
c.School Choice and Budget FY14; number of choice students is incorrect, 16 fewer students than budgeted about 20k less, originally $92k in fund applied to this budget – will have to make adjustments to compensate.

7.Special Education Director’s Report – CAP -corrective action plan fully approved by state. One student going into residential program this year and will be creating a significant cost increase.

a.Wellness policy status update, next meeting 31st- reading draft of policy. David Wyatt made a video for wellness program featuring Tammy Jervas, who runs our school lunch program, in the kitchen and garden.
b.Policy organization status
c.Next policies

9.Financial Report

10.Other Unforeseen items: MASC meeting may 18th, Warrants this week. School Council met are interviewing for art and tech job. Rebecca Fiske believes that some grads of Simons Rock may be interested in the position. Chris Begley had excellent ideas for position, STEM periods scheduled throughout the day- more tech needs to be incorporated into curriculum. A lot of STEM grants are available, Monica and David Purvis discussed. Council meeting again in June.

11.Executive Session- Roll call vote to adjourn to ES for discussion of negotiations at 9:25
Jim-aye, Dewey-aye, Bianca- aye.
a.Contract Negotiations
Roll call vote to exit ES at 9:30 to adjourn and sign warrants.
Jim-aye, Dewey-aye, Bianca- aye.

12.Adjournment 9:31

School Choice

The Richmond Consolidated School currently has openings in several classes. We encourage families in surrounding towns to consider our school, and invite interested students and parents to visit us to see what we have to offer. For more information, please contact Dr. Barbara Ripa, superintendent, at (413) 698-2207. or

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