Richmond School Committee Minutes 4-11-13

Richmond School Committee Meeting
April 11, 2013 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Cafeteria

Present; Jenevra Strock, Barbara Ripa, Monica Zanin, Bianca Daigle, Dewey Wyatt, Natalie Gingras, Jim Biancolo, Robert Gniadek, Eileen Martin, Stevan Patterson, John Mason, Diane Pero, Linda Morse, Paula Patterson, John Whitney, Richard Stover, Matt Kerwood, Dan Fabiano, Louise Brogan, Kara Smith, Michelle Smith, Eric Smith, Eric Smith (2) , Rick Saupe
1. Call to Order at 7:05 by Jim Biancolo, introductions., noted that figures had been revised and the numbers stated below may differ slightly from handouts, but are accurate.
2. FY 2013-14 Budget Hearing
Total Budget amount $3, 081, 739.00 difference of $140,543 (vs FY 12/13
Increases: SPED tuition and transportation, ELL support 31k, total increase $272,812k. Richmond students count higher than last year. Reduction of 2 paraprofessionals (not 1 on 1 paras.) HS tuitions $422,500, several students in vocational programs, we provide transportation.
Revenue: Title 1 $8993, Title 2 $2557 REAP grant (rural achievement) $23,754 and Early Childhood $2500. Community Innovation Grant 52k – Projection $392,804. Pre School tuition 68K. $561.754K total SC + grants+ preschool
Total Salaries for teachers 1.1 million (605,405k after SC funds applied)
Total increases $322,356k, Teaching, SPED and other tuition, transportation, insurance.
Total Decreases, 181,813K, School Committee expenses (legal and ads,) SPED in house, PD, maintenance, supplies, unemployment.
Summary 3,643,493 total minus revenue 561,754k, Increase 4.8%
3. Public Concerns:
Suggestions: Stover: would like all SPED costs grouped. P. Patterson: teachers salaries are not accurate should show to town 1.1 million, not 600K, then state that income offsets salaries. Natalie: SPED salaries? OT, Speech, SPED teachers. Morse: how long obligated to support cost? J. Strock: until 22ys or graduation. Several are in residential programs. All SPED students are Richmond residents. JB, Dewey on Long Range Planning committee, dedication to making cost effective plan for future of school. Patterson, Library books? Fundraise through book fair. Stover: how many Richmond students choice out? Are families contacted to ask why and if they will come back? Patterson: why so expensive to educate students, private school costs lower than our per student cost? JB – Published costs of private schools not accurate, do not take into account donations, endowments etc.. Ripa: Reductions in staff, commitment to reflecting the community wishes. Stover: 602k sped costs, can not be avoided. Dewey, thanks to Barbara and Jim for doing the diligence to make budget acceptable. JB motion to adopt town appropriation 3,081, 739, moved BD – second DW. Unanimously accepted.
4. Correspondence – none
5. Review and Approval of March 12 minutes Bianca absent, minutes will be approved in May.
6. Principal’s Report – Monica: 10 new Richmond Students and 12 school choice for 2013-14 so far.
Positive feedback from parents touring the school. Heritage festival. April 24th, opportunity to showcase the program. Dance company from Schenectady coming to teach throughout the day. Professional development: teachers self assessment, talked about student data and create goals. Staff continues to collaborate. Calendar for 13-14 is ready, going to REA for vote.
7. Superintendent’s Report, participating in special meetings Hancock and New Ashford discussing regionalization, study is being conducted, financial advantages –disadvantages etc..Can take 2-3 years to regionalize.
a. Mt. Greylock’s K-12 regionalization study
b. Lee/Lenox collaboration discussion, looking at cost sharing etc.. In the future possibly apply for funds from DOE to hire a consultant to perform feasibility study of Lee-Lenox-Richmond Regionalization. Would only be proposal for hiring a consultant – DOE funds up to 1m for research – last year 20 districts applied for funding. DW, also look at Berkshire Hills in future?
c. Frequency of warrants, every 2 weeks? Acceptable to committee.
8. Special Education Director’s Report Parent Advisory Council met, Coordinated Review needed chair, one parent volunteered, so all pieces are complete.
9. Policies
a.Physical Restraint of Students – 2nd reading and adoption vote revised- staff shall inform ANY cases of restraint .JB motion to adopt as amended, BD moved, 2nd DW, Unanimously approved.
b.Wellness policy status update, meeting tomorrow. Meeting with David Wyatt to talk about video regarding food choices. Many items to choose from at snack, i.e. fruit, yogurt, cheese.
10. Long-Range Planning Committee
a.Dewey appointed, discuss/appoint as SC representative, will keep committee appraised of discussions.
11. Other Unforeseen items: Adam Dupre and Cindy Polinski have indicated they are ready to begin Para Professional Negotiations, Bianca will be SC delegate.
Motion to adjourn to ES – Dewey, Bianca second, Roll call vote Jim, aye, Bianca aye, Dewey aye. 9:15pm
12.Executive Session ( discuss Contract Negotiations)
Motion to exit ES to adjourn & sign warrants – 9:39 moved by DW, second JB, Roll call vote Jim, aye, BD aye, DW aye.
13. Adjournment 9:40

School Choice

The Richmond Consolidated School currently has openings in several classes. We encourage families in surrounding towns to consider our school, and invite interested students and parents to visit us to see what we have to offer. For more information, please contact Dr. Barbara Ripa, superintendent, at (413) 698-2207. or

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