Richmond School Committee Meeting August 13, 2013 Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
August 13, 2013 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room
Dewey Wyatt, Jim Biancolo, Bianca Daigle , Barbara Ripa, Jenevra Strock, Michelle Smith , (Monica absent, traveling w. family.)

1.Call to Order 7:10

2.Public Concerns- None

3.Correspondence – None

4.Review and Approval of June 11 minutes amended financial report to state newly identified SPED costs. Jenevra misspelled, Bianca not listed. “Promotional Video” instead of wellness policy. #5 lights- brought to attention by Matt – the selectmen concerned over lights left on. Jim will follow up with Steve Patterson. Approved unanimously. July 10 approved unanimously.

5.Principal’s Report
a.New staff update new 4th grade teacher and new art teacher, new technology teacher
b.Summer trainings and workshops 5 teachers went to training to MCLA, one to Mt Holyoke and two to the Reading institute in Williamstown. Significant amount of time devoted to common core.
c.School Improvement Plan will be presented next month by Monica
d.Playground needs to be brought up to code before school opens, Moica working to resolve.

6.Superintendent’s Report, including:
a.Summer retreat/workshop update
b.CIC Grant progress update. Migration to Power School software going well, Natalie very adept at using software and getting up to speed quickly.
c.Update on capital projects, busses are being stored in Lenoxdale, routes have been redone, door to door same, routes more efficient not criss crossing.

7.Special Education Director’s Report, Former Richmond student in DCF has moved and is not in our district any longer. Richmond 9th grader enrolled in Chamberlin School in Middleboro and not doing well in program, no other local program suitable, maybe back to Monument but not likely, administration is meeting to see if they will be able to accept.

8.Update on town long-term planning project- Dewey, Committee very large, hard to reach agreement, marketing for town to bring families. Moderator doing good job steering discussions. Desire of town to see more families – lack of affordable housing cited as one issue.

a.Wellness Policy second reading, adoption vote, with 2 edits for spelling, BD motion to approve, Dewey 2nd, approved unanimously.
b.Field Trip Policy – will review next month
c.Acceptable Use Policy will review next month
d.Student Records Policy will review next month
e.Policy organization status will review next month
f.Other policies to be created/reviewed in 2013-2014 school year – will review next month

10.Financial Report
a.Warrant frequency update, Tammy P. back after medical leave and next warrant will be forthcoming.

11.Other Unforeseen items

12.Executive Session 8:30 Motion to enter ES Dewey, Second BD. Roll call vote, Bianca, aye, Dewey, aye, Jim, aye.
Roll call vote to exit ES at 9:00pm, Bianca, aye, Dewey, aye, Jim, aye.

13.Adjournment 9:00

School Choice

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