Richmond School Committee Meeting September 18, 2013 Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
September 18, 2013 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room
Present: Jim Biancolo, Dewey Wyatt, Bianca Daigle, Monica Zanin, Jenevra Strock, Barbara Ripa, Louise Brogan
1.Call to order 7:06

2.Public concerns Louise Brogan, bus has been inconsistent, driver has not been coming at same time. Terry Gardino from Dufour has been informed and will ride route this week.

Roof warranty, Gerry Coppola from DPW has been informed, will follow up to see if warranty is valid, thought not to be.

4.Review and approval of August 13 minutes and executive session minutes- School Improvement plan deferred due to Monica Zanin’s absence. Item #9, policy – all other than wellness were deferred.

5.Principal’s report
a. New staff – 3 new, Dan Sadlowsky – tech, Kelly Smedvig – art, Gretchen Winston, 4th grade – Dan & Kelly enrolled in new teacher mentoring program at MCLA.

b. Staff training and orientation, convocation – Kim Morandy from DSAC – data from MCAS embargoed until Friday, teachers have scores but can’t share yet.

c. Afternoon, PBIS – core values- CARES, group work, specialists in each class reviewing expectations, middle school assembly, read Wonder over the summer and had separate and group discussions.

d. Opening Day

e. Student count update 157 projected 151 actual

f. School Improvement Plan, will be distribute Friday to SC after MCAS can be public. Literacy goals, Science and Social Studies, Curriculum assessment , benchmarks within the school, goal setting. Oct 2 PD day will be creating student learning goal, professional goals. 5-8 new system rolling out, ticket system- non food rewards, homework passes etc.. Safety planning- sit down with team and design evacuation route. Family, school and community connections- Prek & k – right now, family can sign up to have lunch with the kids. Oct 24th Math Night- family and community come for 1.5 hrs and visit classroom- food fractions etc…

g. Garden committee asked for guidance, memorial trees? Removing flowers? Walkway? Input being gathered from town as to what direction

h. AED (defibrillator) who is trained? 9 regular staff 6 sped, discussion best central location, box that is alarmed?

I. School council- terms are up – new parents and community member and teachers need to be nominated

6.Superintendent’s report
a. Water softener cost sharing discussion – $7.4k override from construction $3710.46 will be paid by town, they would like us to pay half – Dewey- this expense not directly related to education of students.Table until after Financial report.
b. Convocation Day, breakfast, introductions, benchmarks, recognition of years of service. ELL and homeless coordinator – overview of services. New teacher evaluation presented by Barbara, to give information. Ann Gilligan gave anti bullying and anti harassment, adults model appropriate behavior, DA will be in to refresh but nice to have different perspective. Year off to great start.
c. Update on bussing, Terri and Barbara are working on routes
d. Parking lot and walkway improvements, very pleased with outcome. Handicapped accessible grade. Back sidewalk is lifting and Alan will put cones out.
e. Other 8:30 am PTO meet and greet with Dr. Ripa – met with Cathy Gamberoni and she will give survey out as to best time to have “coffee hour” with her, morning or evening.

7.Special Education Director’s report- Residential student is registered at MMRHS – saving difference, still looking at a residential school in future. Student taking 2 online courses as well. 2 new IEP students (1 resident, 1 choice, choice is 100% reimbursable for services from sending district) in need of classroom support, non compliance if not hiring additional para professional, need for part time paraprofessional, 3.5 hours a day, offer to return will be extended to the two paras who were non renewed. If not accepted, opening will be posted.

8.Update on town long-term planning project – Meeting was rescheduled to 9/17. Housing is a barrier to development of town. Pam Roberts, realtor, was coming to speak to committee. Looking at demographics, residents with children on decline, hard to find affordable housing. Tom of Regional Planning guides group through the discussion, long term planning discussed communicating data to public- town is in need of more information from school. United Way sponsored event Friday, Dewey is attending on behalf of his employer. Jim thanks Dewey for participating.

a.Retention of Student Records policy- JB motion to accept as first reading, BD moved, DW second
b.Field Trip policy Monica and Barbara will collaborate with the teachers who plan the trip and revise to present to SC in the future
c.Acceptable Use policy, need one for students- one for staff , needs revision
d.Policy organization status
e.Other policies to be created/reviewed in 2013-2014 school year

10.Financial report
a.Warrant frequency update, Paul Lisi new treasurer. Discrepancy in town’s figures vs. schools. 81k to town for SPED via circuit breaker, south Hancock tuition 78k, professional development paid for but not used 1500 back to town. Teacher put in for $200 reimbursement and got $2000, check went to town. Were anticipating over $90k rollover from choice account- have $50, ELL not needed savings of $32k, but need new hire part time SPED para. Grants are coming in, good projection of dollars.

11.Other unforeseen items – Water softener $3710.46 (represents a 50-50 split with town) out of maintenance Jim motion to approve appropriation moved BD, second DW, unanimously approved.

12.Executive session 9:51 motion to move to executive session BD, second DW: roll call vote – Bianca aye, Jim aye, Dewey aye
a.Contract negotiations
10:30 roll call vote to exit ES – Bianca aye, Jim aye, Dewey aye

13.Adjournment for signing of warrants

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