Richmond School Committee December 18, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
December 18, 2013 7:00 PM (rescheduled from 12/10 because of weather)
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room

Present: Jim Biancolo and Dewey Wyatt
Also present: Jenevra Strock, Monica Zanin. Barbara Ripa attended via phone.
Absent: Bianca Daigle

1.Call to order – 7:05

2.Public concerns – none

3.Correspondence – playground audit. See Superintendent’s report below.

4.Review and approval of minutes.
November 12 minutes – in Jenevra’s report, #8 should read that there are two students, one is residential and is being tutored; the other is at BCC on the 5-year plan. The minutes were approved with the edits.
November 12 Executive Session – approved with two edits.
November 26 minutes will be addressed in January.

5.Principal’s report
a.Thanksgiving Celebration – went very well and great turnout. Tammy did a great job.
b.Holiday Concert on December 11 – Concert Band, Jazz Band and Chorus were all top notch. Cannot compare it to performances in other elementary/middle schools. We value our arts program. Another PreK-1 concert this Friday. We have invited 50 Richmond seniors and families to attend. We have baked bread for them and made placemats. Kim Hosely delivered the breads to the families today (December 18).
c.Focus on writing – teaching kids to write non-fiction. Sharing student work. Moving right along.
d.School Council – focusing on advertising our school to the public. We are looking to engaging the “on the fence” people to re-engage them in the school. Discussing ways to engage: bring in realtors to discuss the school; develop a brochure about the school; capitalize on what it is that so excites parents; starting to get calls from prospective families; providing tours of the school; moving up the senior program to include upper grades; service learning programs; Pittsfield education television program coverage; working with seniors to help them learn how to use iPad, iPhones, etc. (this will happen in January); putting town people on our school Newsletter circulation list; updating school Newsletter and school website. Dewey asked if we should have another long term planning meeting to discuss marketing and getting more information to the town.
e.Other – the Holiday Baskets are almost ready. Will go out by Friday. Have contacted the receiving families and they are very grateful.

6.Superintendent’s report
a.Contracts ratified – both teacher and paraprofessional contracts have been ratified and the pay has been adjusted accordingly. Barbara will now send the teacher contract and teacher evaluation into the state, as requested/required.
b.MOA regarding evaluation timelines – was created to address the late ratification of the contract. It adjusts the timelines for this year only.
c.Update on playground audit – report verified Monica’s safety concerns. Barbara and Monica will review the report to determine which items should be addressed as maintenance and which items should be part of a capital improvement project. Projected cost needs to go to Matt by the middle of February.
d.Sub pay for school secretary – Barbara would like to increase the sub pay from $50 to $60 per day. The Committee agreed.
e.Other – Sick Bank MOA – Barbara has been in conversation with the REA regarding the use of the Sick Bank. The REA may bring a MOA proposal to the Committee in January to open the Sick Bank Article of the contract to develop and approve clearer language regarding who can use the sick bank.

7.Special Education Director’s report –
Jenevra reported a new family is moving into town with a student in Grade 11. Child is home-bound due to Lyme Disease. Will meet in January and develop an IEP to address PT issues. Currently doing on-line courses and may need a tutor. Registering at Monument Mountain.
Dewey brought up special education H511 Bill. We should respond with emails and calls voicing our support. Barbara and Jenevra will research it further with their colleagues to gather support and to secure clearer definition of how it would work.

8.Town long-term planning project report – next meetings are January 9 and January 21. The Committee wants data and is hungry to examine and understand different possible scenarios of the future of the school. We need to get down to more details and numbers. Some people feel we should have a school just for Richmond students. Dewey handed out a matrix of possible ways to address the future of the school. He went through it with the Committee. Dewey feels this document will go a long way to address requests for more information. Jim would like to offer his report and this data to the committee in January. Hoping to do it for the January 9 meeting. Barbara will check to see if there is a ceiling %age of Choice students. The Committee will schedule a planning meeting in early January to discuss the information and prepare for the LTP meeting on the 9th.

9.Consultant – MASC will help the School Committee develop a survey to be administered in the spring.

10.Policy – tabled until January
a.Field Trips policy
b.Acceptable Use / Social Media policy
c.Policy organization

11.Financial report – Hot water tank needed to be replaced. Why are salary amounts at such different %ages? Barbara will check? Can we share the repair cost with the town? Jim and Barbara will discuss with Matt.

12.Other unforeseen items – none

13.Adjournment – motion to adjourn at 9:17 by Dewey. Seconded by Jim.

School Choice

The Richmond Consolidated School currently has openings in several classes. We encourage families in surrounding towns to consider our school, and invite interested students and parents to visit us to see what we have to offer. For more information, please contact Dr. Barbara Ripa, superintendent, at (413) 698-2207. or

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