Richmond School Committee November 12, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
November 12, 2013 CTO 6:18 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room

Present Michelle Smith, Craig Swinson, Barbara Ripa, Jim Biancolo, Dewey Wyatt, Bianca Daigle, Monica Zanin, Jenevra Strock.

Please note: We will call the meeting to order at 6:15 PM and will immediately enter executive session to hear a grievance. We will exit executive session at approximately 7:00 PM and proceed with the public portion of the agenda.

1.Call to order 6:18 BD motion to enter executive session, DW 2nd, roll call vote BD aye, Jim aye, Dewey aye

2.Executive Session
a.Grievance hearing
7:00 BD motion to exit es and reconvene for public meeting, DW 2nd, roll call vote BD aye, Jim aye, Dewey aye.

3.Public concerns – none

4.Correspondence – In August we were notified by EPA that we failed our water test, Housatonic Basin is our agent and water did testing did not receive this notice, they assist in composing public notice to post. Water softener installed in August and disrupted flow of water. Shocked system, now fine. DEP still requires drinking water notice. Email or call will go out to advise parents. Hampshire Council – real time electricity- we contract with 2 companies for electricity. Invited to do fixed price bidding, if rate drops we will not be credited. Barbara and Jim will speak with Matt Kerwood. Barbara will investigate options.

5.Review and approval of October 8 minutes and executive session minutes. Item 5 a- pre k and k, “reading groups” change to level groups in k. Approved as amended unanimously. Executive Session minutes from: 1/24/12, 3/13/12, 9/11/12, 10/9/12, 11/13/12, 11/27/12, 12/11/12, 1/8/13, 6/11/13, 8/13/13, 9/18/13, BD moved, Dewey second, unanimously approved.

6.Principal’s report
a.Tier 2 support- Michael Flynn came in to instruct on math- alignment with common core. Focus throughout school day with help of Sharon Renfrew, on adjusting to common core. Having kids looking at different way to solve problems and look at numbers in all grades all the way down to PreK. Looking at data in all grades in math and supporting higher need kids, upper grade teachers have different model, one or two days of support and intervention.
b.School Council one new parent volunteer, keeping same teachers involved, will contact the parents involved previously. Focus on community and look forward to hearing ideas.
c.Math professional developments status- see item a
d.Craft Fair – 425 people attended raised $6500
e.Other PTO meeting was well attended.

7.Superintendent’s report
a.Update on bussing: HS students being picked up about 20-30 minutes later, still on time for school.
b.Update on grant-funding of playground audit, spoke with Matt Kerwood- there needs to be an audit before we apply for funding, Matt Kerwood thought it would not be worthwhile to write grant – cost is only $400
c.Title I and Title II grants- we qualify for funding – $9010 in Title 1 funds, must be spent on at risk student, need more instruction but are not SPED students. Funds dedicated for math – we are joining with Hancock – Michael Flynn will come in and train in manipulative s etc.. Hope to send a teacher to math symposium this summer. Title 2- $2600. Stipend for after school math support.
d.Hampshire Council of Governments – electricity billing- see item 2.
e.Other- Dewey will refer a coworker familiar with electricity billing to confer with Barbara.

8.Special Education Director’s report – 2 students: one was residential, but is now being tutored. Other is taking classes at BCC. SPED tuition agreements is calculated by percentages- in negotiating with BHRSD, Farmington River and SMSU.

9.Contract Ratifications
a.Teacher’s contract not ready, will discuss in es
b.Paraprofessionals contract, has been ratified by RCPA. .Motion to accept 14-16 contact, BD moved, Dewey 2nd, unanimously approved.

10.Town long-term planning project report, Barbara will talk to MASC on Friday about possibility of survey. Dewey: LRP are discussing school again at next meeting. Opinions vary, but no real consensus. Parent Swinson, works for Town of Richmond, commented many residents have misconceptions regarding school choice, size of school, costs. Crucial to explain facts to residents of town.

11.Policy – no action taken
a.Field Trips policy in progress
b.Acceptable Use / Social Media policy discussion
c.Policy organization status

12.Financial report
a.Warrant frequency update, procedures

13.Other unforeseen items -none

14.Executive session motion to enter ES at 9:30by BD, DW 2nd, roll call vote BD aye, Jim aye, Dewey aye.
a.Contract negotiations discussed
b.9:50 BD motion to exit es and adjourn, DW 2nd, roll call vote BD aye, Jim aye, Dewey aye.

15.Adjournment 9:50 by unanimous vote

School Choice

The Richmond Consolidated School currently has openings in several classes. We encourage families in surrounding towns to consider our school, and invite interested students and parents to visit us to see what we have to offer. For more information, please contact Dr. Barbara Ripa, superintendent, at (413) 698-2207. or

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