Richmond School Committee October 8, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
October 8, 2013 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room
Present, Monica Zanin, Dewey Wyatt, Jenevra Strock, Michelle Smith, Jim Biancolo, Bianca Daigle, Barbara Ripa, Louise Brogan

1.Call to order 7:05

2. Public concerns Concern Louise Brogan, bus is still about 10 minutes late and 45 minute long ride. Barbara will speak to Terry from Dufour.

3.Correspondence DEP we have failed a water test, correspondence is missing data and Barbara will follow up. Water sample was taken in August.

4.Review and approval of September 18 minutes and executive session minutes. Number 5 letter h – AED (defibrillator) looking for central location. #7 -2 new sped- 1 res 1 SC (fully reimbursable from sending town) #11 #8 Town is in need of “additional”information, not “dire.” Water softener was a split cost with the town. Bianca motion to accept as amended, Dewey second- unanimously approved.

5.Principal’s report
a.MCAS, Looking at narrowing proficiency gaps for next year, we have reached or exceeded all targets this year. Changed targeted instruction in middle school and also in elementary, scheduled programming to best benefit the students. Support groups for reading in PreK and Kindergarten. Teachers looking at data and really focusing on achievement, with small class sizes it is ideal. Math intervention and common core in math instruction is important – our math target is 87 and we are at 85, goal will be challenging but is attainable. Reached level 1 status this year but as percentages increase each year and we are already in 80’s and 90’s and it may not be likely to improve much more. Teacher goals, example: science teacher wanted to incorporate more writing to subject; ELA teacher had data on open response, will meet to turn into student goal, based on needs of the kids.
b.October 2 PD, worked on SMART goals with teachers
c.Other, none

6.Superintendent’s report
a.Roof warranty follow-up, Gerry was not interested in renewing warranty, the town works with a company who takes care of all the municipal building.
b.Update on bussing, Bus goes to Stop and Shop on Dan Fox and picks up Lee and Lenox HS Students and takes them to PHS and Taconic.
c.BHRSD tuition agreement status, valid agreement in place, BH would like to renegotiate.
d.AED update, Jenevra and Mary felt it should be in hallway, not gym, going to be on wall between mens restroom and cafeteria. Alarmed to sheriffs office, called alarm company- medical emergency alert goes to alarm company and then they alert EMS. Mary Cochran recommended that we use our health grant $ to buy cabinetry and signage. AAA came out to view the site and will email quote to Barbara.
e.Grant-funding of playground audit, Jim and Barbara met with Matt Kerwood and he was aware of grant $ available to pay for safety audit. Report will assess safety issues and areas for improvement.
f.Meeting with new Town Treasurer Paul Lisi, very impressed with his willingness to problem solve. Will meet with Tammy monthly. Tammy will sit down with Angela tomorrow to review figures.
g.Other- Hancock tuition – revolving account can be set up here, it is at the town instead, about 87K. When we begin budget process clarify to the finance committee that we contribute funds from circuit breaker and tuition to town account (about 180k.)
“Gaga” pit – Matt Kerwood found reference in bylaws- the town has to advertise and sell the item, must be under $5000. Committee has to voted to declare gaga pit surplus and available for liquidation. Bianca moves, Dewey second, approved unanimously.

7.Special Education Director’s report, PAC meeting, no parents attended. One more PAC in spring. 2 SPED students need PT para, Sara Hogue was RIF’d last year and has accepted position and returned.

8.Town long-term planning project- Tuesday the 15th is next meeting 6pm.
a.Schedule open Q&A session with RSC, administration, in January
b.Discuss message to the long-term planning committee- full committee and Dr. Ripa, Monica Zanin will attend the next meeting.
c.Discuss hiring consultant in FY15

a.Retention of Student Records, 2nd reading BD, moved DW second, unanimously approved
b.Fiscal Accounting/Student Activity/Purchasing Authority 1st reading BD motion to accept, Dewey second, unanimously approved.
c.School Councils
d.Field Trip / Student Travel / Student Travel Regulations status – under organization
e.Acceptable Use and Social Networking status- under organization
f.Policy organization status

10.Financial report
a.Warrant frequency update, unemployment, textbooks and custodial supplies flagged.

11.Other unforeseen items – none

12.Executive session Jim asks for motion to enter ES, Bianca moves, Dewey second.
Roll call vote Bianca aye, Dewey aye, Jim aye.
a.Contract negotiations 9:20
10;39 Jim asks for motion to exit ES, Bianca moves, Dewey second:Roll call vote Bianca aye, Dewey aye, Jim aye.

13.Adjournment 10:40 to sign warrants

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