Richmond School Committee January 14, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
January 14, 2014 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room
Monica Zanin, Barbara Ripa, Jenevra Strock, Dewey Wyatt, Jim Biancolo, Bianca Daigle, Michelle Smith, Craig Swinson

1.Call to order 7:10

2.Public concerns – None

3.Correspondence – None

4.Review and approval of November 26, December 18, and January 7 minutes

Nov 26- change to verbs present tense
Dec 18- Kim Hosley and Michelle Smith baked bread & delivered
Item 7- Lime should be Lyme – BD moved to accept, Dw second, unanimously
Jan 7th – Pat Correira misspelled – BD moved, DW second, unanimously accepted

5.Principal’s report
a.Service Learning Projects and Community Service school council meeting exploring how to engage community- Kim Hosley has applied for community service leader stipend.
b.Spring Play – Amy Brentano will direct– Feb 11th rehearsals start.
c.Teacher Evaluation – beginning the new process
d.Spring field trips are set Nature’s Classroom in Becket
e.After School Program – just 5 students – started with 10. 3 Richmond families use. 2 children are 5 days – 3 are three days. Need $45 more a week to continue program with Y. Will see if acceptable by program to ask families for $9 each a week more.

6.Superintendent’s report
a.Administrator training in new Teacher Evaluation, Jenevra is alternate evaluator, teacher can request alternate.
b.MASC help with the survey, Dewey has offered to help with survey as well
c.Other- Budget talks with Monica, zero increase is budget target.
d.Berkshire Hills wishes to renegotiate tuition contract- Jim and Barbara meet next week. Farmington River has shared proposal with us. Peter Dillon has informed Barbara there were two options, plan a and plan b. We have a tuition agreement with BH and we have a good rate right now but they wish to raise our rate per student by $4000 per student over next 5 years. Jim and Barbara meet on the 29th. South Hancock tuition is $6601, time to renegotiate tuition.
e.Water heater needs to be replaced – Matt Kerwood says town can not contribute.

7.Special Education Director’s report
a.H.511 update New student registering on the 21st, Richmond student disabled.
b.One SPED student from Hancock leaving, had one on one para, para has been RIF’d. Family has left district and relocated to Pittsfield.

8.Town long-term planning project report. Dewey, Jim and Monica attended – felt meeting was very productive. Plan is to draft our report and get it to LRP by Tuesday.

9.Survey development, will discuss more in depth with consultant from MASC next meeting.
Questions need to be meaningful and objective- phrasing of questions must not lead subjects.

10.Policy – all discussions tabled
a.Field Trips policy, will review next meeting
b.Acceptable Use / Social Media policy
c.Policy organization

11.Financial report- Heat continues to be costly. Pre K & K wall heaters were installed but they are not left on at night, rooms very cold.

12.Other unforeseen items – Craig Swinson – 740 reg homes, 13 multi family – value of all properties – 203 second homes – tax second home owner is not taxed if home is rented unfurnished – also some (30) in flux. Precision average adjusted 580 – 219. Average value multi unit about 900K – really large 2nd homes. 72.6 primary – 27.4% second home owners. 17 million in commercial property and undeveloped land. Second homes have doubled in past 9 years.
Parent Craig Swinson: Website is out of date. New website hosted by square space.

13.Adjournment Motion to adjourn BD 9:45 Second DW, adjourned by unanimous vote for signing of warrants.

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