Richmond School Committee February 11, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
February 11, 2014 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room Mike Syzmanski, Jim Biancolo, Monica Zanin, Dewey Wyatt, Barbara Ripa, Bianca Daigle, Michelle Smith, Jenevra Strock

1.Call to order 7:35

2.Public concerns -none

3.Correspondence email from Pat Correria, can’t come to next meeting, but Glen Koocher can attend in her place but first she needs to check my internet speed.

4.Review and approval of January 14 minutes – Dw change to DW, approved as amended unanimously.

5.Principal’s report
a.School Choice- Monica wishes to run ad next week in Berkshire Eagle. JB asks for motion to accept SC students in all grades – to be determined by numbers later in year. BD moves to accept SC opening for all grades DW second unanimously approved.
b. Jenn Smith wrote article that ran in learning section about coding.
c.Professional Development 2013-2014 Recap, 2014-2015 Writing/Math . Mike Flynn coming in to with teachers re best math practices. Lee Elementary principal has approached Monica re collaboration in Writing PD next year. Sharon Renfrew has been working w. teachers and doing research.
d.PARCC update the new MCAS: Program Assessment for Readiness for College and Careers: aligned with common core. Multiple ways to solve problems, kids to problem solve together and think deeply – math and ELA – research, listening skills, pushing thinking. All tests will be administered on line. Richmond was chosen to field test ELA PARCC test in 8th grade. Pilot is April 7-9th.

6.Superintendent’s report
a.Shaker Mountain FY15 assessments % breakdown for Hancock changes- 24-26% shifted up, Richmond down now 66.4%. Jim motion to accept adjusted amount, BD moves, DW second, unanimously approved.
b.Hancock tuition – offered 2.5% increase for FY15. Jim motion to accept adjusted amount, BD moves, DW second, unanimously approved.
c.Circuit Breaker, Matt Kerwood reviewed and CB funds belong to school, not town, he will turn money over to us to use or roll over to FY15.
d.Other tuition discussed w. Berk Hills, no increase for past 3 years. Asking 17% – offer 6% – $434 increase per student for SPED $530 – (apox 16.5k increase) Jim motion to accept adjusted amount, BD moves, DW second, unanimously approved.

7.Special Education Director’s report para 1 to 1 w. hs student has resigned and we will run an ad to replace. Berkshire Meadows student will be absent for 3 months and we will be refunded for 2 months. 3 students are aging out of our program this year and we will be referring them to adult services.

8.Town long-term planning project report – discussed first part of report at last meeting. Will meet again Feb 20th. Will recommend that small subcommittee be appointed to construct survey.

9.Policy – TABLED
a.Field Trips policy
b.Acceptable Use / Social Media policy
c.Policy organization

10.Financial report, may end year with small surplus (80-90k)

11.Budget FY15
a.Preliminary figures; large savings in pupil supplies, title 1 and 2 grant funding supported math materials, health grant used to purchase AED.
b.SPED transportation is down significantly, materials are up
c.Insurance costs up 9%
d.Anticipate 1.35% decrease w. allowance for stabilization reserve
e.Meeting with Finance Committee shortly with preliminary budget

12.Annual Report will be submitted by Jim & Barbara to Town Hall

13.Other unforeseen items: Playground, needs to be addressed as capital improvement project.

14.Adjournment 10pm by unanimous vote.

School Choice

The Richmond Consolidated School currently has openings in several classes. We encourage families in surrounding towns to consider our school, and invite interested students and parents to visit us to see what we have to offer. For more information, please contact Dr. Barbara Ripa, superintendent, at (413) 698-2207. or

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