Richmond School Committee, April 8th, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting – Present Jim Biancolo, Dewey Wyatt, Jenevra Strock, Monica Zanin, Barbara Ripa
April 8, 2014 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room

1.Call to order 7:06 PM

2.Public concerns, none

3.Correspondence, none

4.Review and approval of March 11 minutes – 6d “what was discussion” needs to be clarified. Financial report needs $ and 130k, not $130. Motion to approve, BD, DW 2nd. Budget 101k needs to be 101,000 , Gniadek check spelling. Motion to approve as amended BD, second DW, approved.

5.FY 2015 budget vote to request appropriation of 2,939,434.77

6.Principal’s report
a.School play, great success- Amy was wonderful to work with and kids loved the experience.
b.PARCC testing update, Sharon Renfrew is helping with set up of PARC testing, she was instrumental in collating the materials and Dan and Natalie worked with Brainspiral to install and get software up and running. Choice of PARC or MCAS next year. Trial test MCAS and the students had to read and also listen to an article and documentary and compare and contrast the stories, very challenging. Test is timed, very different from existing model.
c.School Calendar for 2014-2015, teachers still need to review

7.Superintendent’s report
a.Update on playground renovation process, cost for renovation is 34k, have to obtain bids. School will look at regular items (chains, seats etc.) and see which need maintenance.
b.Baby Town Meeting at Town Hall, May 3rd at 9am
c.Hancock and New Ashford Tuition Agreements with Mt. Greylock, met and agreed to 5 year new tuition agreement – 5% increase. (Mt. Greylock must still approve.)
d.Other, Joy Mullen alerted Barbara that the contract was revised that credits were reimbursed at UMASS rate, online courses differ in prices, significantly higher than in person, there are additional fees. Suggest a memorandum to reflect a specific dollar amount.
e.Bus agreement with Dufour was reviewed and we owe 17, 530.20 plus 2505.60 (for ½ bus) will bring us up to date in our account.
f.Dewey, are preschool tuition rates up to date? What is status of gaga pit?

8.Special Education Director’s report A student has passed away recently. Another student will be entering some type of summer program, will transition out after this summer turning 22. Another student is also turning 22 this year, may stay on in Cape Cod. Will refer both to adult services. Two 8th grade choice will be going to Pittsfield, we are assisting in transition. Another student’s family has rejected IEP and is currently in litigation with our attorney, requesting Richmond pays for students private school.

9.Town long-term planning project report
a.Richmond, Matt, Tom, Barbara and Jim will work jointly to investigate various scenarios for addendum to Jim’s preliminary report. Conversation on school will be tabled until the report is completed. April 29th @ 7pm, at RCS open forum.
b.SMSU March 31st meeting report

a.Field Trips policy – first reading – Jim: P1, approval process- should be prohibited, change to are prohibited. Rework to reflect general guidelines applicable to all field trips such as approval, supervision, transportation and ONLY have items specific to one day or overnight trips under those headings. Fundraising: students and parents expected to contribute time to help defray costs of trip. One day of less #3 – change to at least one month. BD moves to accept as first reading DW second approved unanimously.
b.Acceptable Use / Social Media policy – adult copy has adult signature/student has students printed name & parents signature. Guests on network will agree to policy?
c.Policy organization

11.Financial report – Expect to finish about 50k in the black. Still have issues with building maintenance, custodian should be able handle smaller jobs, looking for custodian with background in building.

12.Other unforeseen items – none

13.Executive session for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter not related to performance. 9:05 – BD moved to enter executive session, Dewey second. Roll call vote: Bianca, aye, Jim, aye, Dewey, aye. 9:35 – BD moved to exit es, Dewey second. Roll call vote: Bianca, aye, Jim, aye, Dewey, aye

14.Adjournment to sign warrants 9:35

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