5th Grade Math

Fifth Graders have finished :

Chapter 1- Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction.

Please have your 5th grader show you what they have learned by solving some problems like:

-reading and writing whole numbers to 100 billion and decimals to thousandths

-solve equation with exponents

-write numbers in standard, expanded, expanded using exponents, word  and small word form.

-compare and order whole numbers and decimals

Chapter 2: Addition and Subtraction

-estimate sums and differences

-add and subtract all sizes of numbers

-addition properties

-some algebra-solve equations with variables  ex.  11-n=?    when n=3  etc.  or 12+y=25  y=?

5th graders have taken both chapter tests.  Please be sure to preview all the work that they have done so far in the packet sent home on 10-5-11.  Sign and return.  Thank-you!


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