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At the Richmond Consolidated School, we pride ourselves on our broad-based approach to shaping well-rounded students. We believe in a rigorous, academically based education that encompasses a healthy balance of recreational opportunities. Play is an important learning tool for young children, just as casual conversation among middle school students is a building block for lifetime social skills.

A program of foreign language instruction that includes Spanish and French begins in kindergarten and continues through the eighth grade. We have a Fine Arts program that explores an array of media, including clay; a Creative Arts Program (CAP) in which various artists are invited to the school to teach music, dance, theater and story telling; and a Music program, which allows students to begin instrument instruction in fourth grade. Our state-of-the-art computer lab has been newly updated; weekly instruction for students begins in kindergarten and continues through the eighth grade.

Recognizing the educational experience is not limited to school hours, we try to offer as many learning opportunities as we can. We encourage our students to participate in our Beginner, Concert, and Jazz Bands; annual school play; varied field trips; and regular special events such as movie nights, Probability Night, art shows, School Spirit Days, and musical concerts. We strive to serve healthy foods in the cafeteria. We promote wellness and exercise. We offer after-school help to students we feel would benefit from additional exposure to mathematics.

Our teachers play a critical role in students’ learning and personal development. They are dedicated, inspired, and highly committed to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each individual. The small size of our school allows teachers to understand and effectively work with the particular circumstances of each child and his or her family.

Parents, too, are an important part of our school environment. They offer classroom support and fundraising leadership, and help us to build a strong, vital community that reinforces our long-term educational goals.

The Richmond Consolidated School is located at:


Richmond Consolidated School      1831 State Rd      Richmond, MA 01254-5100       (413) 698-2207

School Choice

The Richmond Consolidated School currently has openings in several classes. We encourage families in surrounding towns to consider our school, and invite interested students and parents to visit us to see what we have to offer. For more information, please contact Dr. Barbara Ripa, superintendent, at (413) 698-2207. or bripa@richmondconsolidated.org.

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