Richmond School Committee, April 8th, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting – Present Jim Biancolo, Dewey Wyatt, Jenevra Strock, Monica Zanin, Barbara Ripa
April 8, 2014 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room

1.Call to order 7:06 PM

2.Public concerns, none

3.Correspondence, none

4.Review and approval of March 11 minutes – 6d “what was discussion” needs to be clarified. Financial report needs $ and 130k, not $130. Motion to approve, BD, DW 2nd. Budget 101k needs to be 101,000 , Gniadek check spelling. Motion to approve as amended BD, second DW, approved.

5.FY 2015 budget vote to request appropriation of 2,939,434.77

6.Principal’s report
a.School play, great success- Amy was wonderful to work with and kids loved the experience.
b.PARCC testing update, Sharon Renfrew is helping with set up of PARC testing, she was instrumental in collating the materials and Dan and Natalie worked with Brainspiral to install and get software up and running. Choice of PARC or MCAS next year. Trial test MCAS and the students had to read and also listen to an article and documentary and compare and contrast the stories, very challenging. Test is timed, very different from existing model.
c.School Calendar for 2014-2015, teachers still need to review

7.Superintendent’s report
a.Update on playground renovation process, cost for renovation is 34k, have to obtain bids. School will look at regular items (chains, seats etc.) and see which need maintenance.
b.Baby Town Meeting at Town Hall, May 3rd at 9am
c.Hancock and New Ashford Tuition Agreements with Mt. Greylock, met and agreed to 5 year new tuition agreement – 5% increase. (Mt. Greylock must still approve.)
d.Other, Joy Mullen alerted Barbara that the contract was revised that credits were reimbursed at UMASS rate, online courses differ in prices, significantly higher than in person, there are additional fees. Suggest a memorandum to reflect a specific dollar amount.
e.Bus agreement with Dufour was reviewed and we owe 17, 530.20 plus 2505.60 (for ½ bus) will bring us up to date in our account.
f.Dewey, are preschool tuition rates up to date? What is status of gaga pit?

8.Special Education Director’s report A student has passed away recently. Another student will be entering some type of summer program, will transition out after this summer turning 22. Another student is also turning 22 this year, may stay on in Cape Cod. Will refer both to adult services. Two 8th grade choice will be going to Pittsfield, we are assisting in transition. Another student’s family has rejected IEP and is currently in litigation with our attorney, requesting Richmond pays for students private school.

9.Town long-term planning project report
a.Richmond, Matt, Tom, Barbara and Jim will work jointly to investigate various scenarios for addendum to Jim’s preliminary report. Conversation on school will be tabled until the report is completed. April 29th @ 7pm, at RCS open forum.
b.SMSU March 31st meeting report

a.Field Trips policy – first reading – Jim: P1, approval process- should be prohibited, change to are prohibited. Rework to reflect general guidelines applicable to all field trips such as approval, supervision, transportation and ONLY have items specific to one day or overnight trips under those headings. Fundraising: students and parents expected to contribute time to help defray costs of trip. One day of less #3 – change to at least one month. BD moves to accept as first reading DW second approved unanimously.
b.Acceptable Use / Social Media policy – adult copy has adult signature/student has students printed name & parents signature. Guests on network will agree to policy?
c.Policy organization

11.Financial report – Expect to finish about 50k in the black. Still have issues with building maintenance, custodian should be able handle smaller jobs, looking for custodian with background in building.

12.Other unforeseen items – none

13.Executive session for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter not related to performance. 9:05 – BD moved to enter executive session, Dewey second. Roll call vote: Bianca, aye, Jim, aye, Dewey, aye. 9:35 – BD moved to exit es, Dewey second. Roll call vote: Bianca, aye, Jim, aye, Dewey, aye

14.Adjournment to sign warrants 9:35

Richmond School Committee February 11, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
February 11, 2014 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room Mike Syzmanski, Jim Biancolo, Monica Zanin, Dewey Wyatt, Barbara Ripa, Bianca Daigle, Michelle Smith, Jenevra Strock

1.Call to order 7:35

2.Public concerns -none

3.Correspondence email from Pat Correria, can’t come to next meeting, but Glen Koocher can attend in her place but first she needs to check my internet speed.

4.Review and approval of January 14 minutes – Dw change to DW, approved as amended unanimously.

5.Principal’s report
a.School Choice- Monica wishes to run ad next week in Berkshire Eagle. JB asks for motion to accept SC students in all grades – to be determined by numbers later in year. BD moves to accept SC opening for all grades DW second unanimously approved.
b. Jenn Smith wrote article that ran in learning section about coding.
c.Professional Development 2013-2014 Recap, 2014-2015 Writing/Math . Mike Flynn coming in to with teachers re best math practices. Lee Elementary principal has approached Monica re collaboration in Writing PD next year. Sharon Renfrew has been working w. teachers and doing research.
d.PARCC update the new MCAS: Program Assessment for Readiness for College and Careers: aligned with common core. Multiple ways to solve problems, kids to problem solve together and think deeply – math and ELA – research, listening skills, pushing thinking. All tests will be administered on line. Richmond was chosen to field test ELA PARCC test in 8th grade. Pilot is April 7-9th.

6.Superintendent’s report
a.Shaker Mountain FY15 assessments % breakdown for Hancock changes- 24-26% shifted up, Richmond down now 66.4%. Jim motion to accept adjusted amount, BD moves, DW second, unanimously approved.
b.Hancock tuition – offered 2.5% increase for FY15. Jim motion to accept adjusted amount, BD moves, DW second, unanimously approved.
c.Circuit Breaker, Matt Kerwood reviewed and CB funds belong to school, not town, he will turn money over to us to use or roll over to FY15.
d.Other tuition discussed w. Berk Hills, no increase for past 3 years. Asking 17% – offer 6% – $434 increase per student for SPED $530 – (apox 16.5k increase) Jim motion to accept adjusted amount, BD moves, DW second, unanimously approved.

7.Special Education Director’s report para 1 to 1 w. hs student has resigned and we will run an ad to replace. Berkshire Meadows student will be absent for 3 months and we will be refunded for 2 months. 3 students are aging out of our program this year and we will be referring them to adult services.

8.Town long-term planning project report – discussed first part of report at last meeting. Will meet again Feb 20th. Will recommend that small subcommittee be appointed to construct survey.

9.Policy – TABLED
a.Field Trips policy
b.Acceptable Use / Social Media policy
c.Policy organization

10.Financial report, may end year with small surplus (80-90k)

11.Budget FY15
a.Preliminary figures; large savings in pupil supplies, title 1 and 2 grant funding supported math materials, health grant used to purchase AED.
b.SPED transportation is down significantly, materials are up
c.Insurance costs up 9%
d.Anticipate 1.35% decrease w. allowance for stabilization reserve
e.Meeting with Finance Committee shortly with preliminary budget

12.Annual Report will be submitted by Jim & Barbara to Town Hall

13.Other unforeseen items: Playground, needs to be addressed as capital improvement project.

14.Adjournment 10pm by unanimous vote.

Richmond School Committee January 14, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
January 14, 2014 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room
Monica Zanin, Barbara Ripa, Jenevra Strock, Dewey Wyatt, Jim Biancolo, Bianca Daigle, Michelle Smith, Craig Swinson

1.Call to order 7:10

2.Public concerns – None

3.Correspondence – None

4.Review and approval of November 26, December 18, and January 7 minutes

Nov 26- change to verbs present tense
Dec 18- Kim Hosley and Michelle Smith baked bread & delivered
Item 7- Lime should be Lyme – BD moved to accept, Dw second, unanimously
Jan 7th – Pat Correira misspelled – BD moved, DW second, unanimously accepted

5.Principal’s report
a.Service Learning Projects and Community Service school council meeting exploring how to engage community- Kim Hosley has applied for community service leader stipend.
b.Spring Play – Amy Brentano will direct– Feb 11th rehearsals start.
c.Teacher Evaluation – beginning the new process
d.Spring field trips are set Nature’s Classroom in Becket
e.After School Program – just 5 students – started with 10. 3 Richmond families use. 2 children are 5 days – 3 are three days. Need $45 more a week to continue program with Y. Will see if acceptable by program to ask families for $9 each a week more.

6.Superintendent’s report
a.Administrator training in new Teacher Evaluation, Jenevra is alternate evaluator, teacher can request alternate.
b.MASC help with the survey, Dewey has offered to help with survey as well
c.Other- Budget talks with Monica, zero increase is budget target.
d.Berkshire Hills wishes to renegotiate tuition contract- Jim and Barbara meet next week. Farmington River has shared proposal with us. Peter Dillon has informed Barbara there were two options, plan a and plan b. We have a tuition agreement with BH and we have a good rate right now but they wish to raise our rate per student by $4000 per student over next 5 years. Jim and Barbara meet on the 29th. South Hancock tuition is $6601, time to renegotiate tuition.
e.Water heater needs to be replaced – Matt Kerwood says town can not contribute.

7.Special Education Director’s report
a.H.511 update New student registering on the 21st, Richmond student disabled.
b.One SPED student from Hancock leaving, had one on one para, para has been RIF’d. Family has left district and relocated to Pittsfield.

8.Town long-term planning project report. Dewey, Jim and Monica attended – felt meeting was very productive. Plan is to draft our report and get it to LRP by Tuesday.

9.Survey development, will discuss more in depth with consultant from MASC next meeting.
Questions need to be meaningful and objective- phrasing of questions must not lead subjects.

10.Policy – all discussions tabled
a.Field Trips policy, will review next meeting
b.Acceptable Use / Social Media policy
c.Policy organization

11.Financial report- Heat continues to be costly. Pre K & K wall heaters were installed but they are not left on at night, rooms very cold.

12.Other unforeseen items – Craig Swinson – 740 reg homes, 13 multi family – value of all properties – 203 second homes – tax second home owner is not taxed if home is rented unfurnished – also some (30) in flux. Precision average adjusted 580 – 219. Average value multi unit about 900K – really large 2nd homes. 72.6 primary – 27.4% second home owners. 17 million in commercial property and undeveloped land. Second homes have doubled in past 9 years.
Parent Craig Swinson: Website is out of date. New website hosted by square space.

13.Adjournment Motion to adjourn BD 9:45 Second DW, adjourned by unanimous vote for signing of warrants.

Richmond School Committee December 18, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
December 18, 2013 7:00 PM (rescheduled from 12/10 because of weather)
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room

Present: Jim Biancolo and Dewey Wyatt
Also present: Jenevra Strock, Monica Zanin. Barbara Ripa attended via phone.
Absent: Bianca Daigle

1.Call to order – 7:05

2.Public concerns – none

3.Correspondence – playground audit. See Superintendent’s report below.

4.Review and approval of minutes.
November 12 minutes – in Jenevra’s report, #8 should read that there are two students, one is residential and is being tutored; the other is at BCC on the 5-year plan. The minutes were approved with the edits.
November 12 Executive Session – approved with two edits.
November 26 minutes will be addressed in January.

5.Principal’s report
a.Thanksgiving Celebration – went very well and great turnout. Tammy did a great job.
b.Holiday Concert on December 11 – Concert Band, Jazz Band and Chorus were all top notch. Cannot compare it to performances in other elementary/middle schools. We value our arts program. Another PreK-1 concert this Friday. We have invited 50 Richmond seniors and families to attend. We have baked bread for them and made placemats. Kim Hosely delivered the breads to the families today (December 18).
c.Focus on writing – teaching kids to write non-fiction. Sharing student work. Moving right along.
d.School Council – focusing on advertising our school to the public. We are looking to engaging the “on the fence” people to re-engage them in the school. Discussing ways to engage: bring in realtors to discuss the school; develop a brochure about the school; capitalize on what it is that so excites parents; starting to get calls from prospective families; providing tours of the school; moving up the senior program to include upper grades; service learning programs; Pittsfield education television program coverage; working with seniors to help them learn how to use iPad, iPhones, etc. (this will happen in January); putting town people on our school Newsletter circulation list; updating school Newsletter and school website. Dewey asked if we should have another long term planning meeting to discuss marketing and getting more information to the town.
e.Other – the Holiday Baskets are almost ready. Will go out by Friday. Have contacted the receiving families and they are very grateful.

6.Superintendent’s report
a.Contracts ratified – both teacher and paraprofessional contracts have been ratified and the pay has been adjusted accordingly. Barbara will now send the teacher contract and teacher evaluation into the state, as requested/required.
b.MOA regarding evaluation timelines – was created to address the late ratification of the contract. It adjusts the timelines for this year only.
c.Update on playground audit – report verified Monica’s safety concerns. Barbara and Monica will review the report to determine which items should be addressed as maintenance and which items should be part of a capital improvement project. Projected cost needs to go to Matt by the middle of February.
d.Sub pay for school secretary – Barbara would like to increase the sub pay from $50 to $60 per day. The Committee agreed.
e.Other – Sick Bank MOA – Barbara has been in conversation with the REA regarding the use of the Sick Bank. The REA may bring a MOA proposal to the Committee in January to open the Sick Bank Article of the contract to develop and approve clearer language regarding who can use the sick bank.

7.Special Education Director’s report –
Jenevra reported a new family is moving into town with a student in Grade 11. Child is home-bound due to Lyme Disease. Will meet in January and develop an IEP to address PT issues. Currently doing on-line courses and may need a tutor. Registering at Monument Mountain.
Dewey brought up special education H511 Bill. We should respond with emails and calls voicing our support. Barbara and Jenevra will research it further with their colleagues to gather support and to secure clearer definition of how it would work.

8.Town long-term planning project report – next meetings are January 9 and January 21. The Committee wants data and is hungry to examine and understand different possible scenarios of the future of the school. We need to get down to more details and numbers. Some people feel we should have a school just for Richmond students. Dewey handed out a matrix of possible ways to address the future of the school. He went through it with the Committee. Dewey feels this document will go a long way to address requests for more information. Jim would like to offer his report and this data to the committee in January. Hoping to do it for the January 9 meeting. Barbara will check to see if there is a ceiling %age of Choice students. The Committee will schedule a planning meeting in early January to discuss the information and prepare for the LTP meeting on the 9th.

9.Consultant – MASC will help the School Committee develop a survey to be administered in the spring.

10.Policy – tabled until January
a.Field Trips policy
b.Acceptable Use / Social Media policy
c.Policy organization

11.Financial report – Hot water tank needed to be replaced. Why are salary amounts at such different %ages? Barbara will check? Can we share the repair cost with the town? Jim and Barbara will discuss with Matt.

12.Other unforeseen items – none

13.Adjournment – motion to adjourn at 9:17 by Dewey. Seconded by Jim.

Richmond School Committee November 12, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
November 12, 2013 CTO 6:18 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room

Present Michelle Smith, Craig Swinson, Barbara Ripa, Jim Biancolo, Dewey Wyatt, Bianca Daigle, Monica Zanin, Jenevra Strock.

Please note: We will call the meeting to order at 6:15 PM and will immediately enter executive session to hear a grievance. We will exit executive session at approximately 7:00 PM and proceed with the public portion of the agenda.

1.Call to order 6:18 BD motion to enter executive session, DW 2nd, roll call vote BD aye, Jim aye, Dewey aye

2.Executive Session
a.Grievance hearing
7:00 BD motion to exit es and reconvene for public meeting, DW 2nd, roll call vote BD aye, Jim aye, Dewey aye.

3.Public concerns – none

4.Correspondence – In August we were notified by EPA that we failed our water test, Housatonic Basin is our agent and water did testing did not receive this notice, they assist in composing public notice to post. Water softener installed in August and disrupted flow of water. Shocked system, now fine. DEP still requires drinking water notice. Email or call will go out to advise parents. Hampshire Council – real time electricity- we contract with 2 companies for electricity. Invited to do fixed price bidding, if rate drops we will not be credited. Barbara and Jim will speak with Matt Kerwood. Barbara will investigate options.

5.Review and approval of October 8 minutes and executive session minutes. Item 5 a- pre k and k, “reading groups” change to level groups in k. Approved as amended unanimously. Executive Session minutes from: 1/24/12, 3/13/12, 9/11/12, 10/9/12, 11/13/12, 11/27/12, 12/11/12, 1/8/13, 6/11/13, 8/13/13, 9/18/13, BD moved, Dewey second, unanimously approved.

6.Principal’s report
a.Tier 2 support- Michael Flynn came in to instruct on math- alignment with common core. Focus throughout school day with help of Sharon Renfrew, on adjusting to common core. Having kids looking at different way to solve problems and look at numbers in all grades all the way down to PreK. Looking at data in all grades in math and supporting higher need kids, upper grade teachers have different model, one or two days of support and intervention.
b.School Council one new parent volunteer, keeping same teachers involved, will contact the parents involved previously. Focus on community and look forward to hearing ideas.
c.Math professional developments status- see item a
d.Craft Fair – 425 people attended raised $6500
e.Other PTO meeting was well attended.

7.Superintendent’s report
a.Update on bussing: HS students being picked up about 20-30 minutes later, still on time for school.
b.Update on grant-funding of playground audit, spoke with Matt Kerwood- there needs to be an audit before we apply for funding, Matt Kerwood thought it would not be worthwhile to write grant – cost is only $400
c.Title I and Title II grants- we qualify for funding – $9010 in Title 1 funds, must be spent on at risk student, need more instruction but are not SPED students. Funds dedicated for math – we are joining with Hancock – Michael Flynn will come in and train in manipulative s etc.. Hope to send a teacher to math symposium this summer. Title 2- $2600. Stipend for after school math support.
d.Hampshire Council of Governments – electricity billing- see item 2.
e.Other- Dewey will refer a coworker familiar with electricity billing to confer with Barbara.

8.Special Education Director’s report – 2 students: one was residential, but is now being tutored. Other is taking classes at BCC. SPED tuition agreements is calculated by percentages- in negotiating with BHRSD, Farmington River and SMSU.

9.Contract Ratifications
a.Teacher’s contract not ready, will discuss in es
b.Paraprofessionals contract, has been ratified by RCPA. .Motion to accept 14-16 contact, BD moved, Dewey 2nd, unanimously approved.

10.Town long-term planning project report, Barbara will talk to MASC on Friday about possibility of survey. Dewey: LRP are discussing school again at next meeting. Opinions vary, but no real consensus. Parent Swinson, works for Town of Richmond, commented many residents have misconceptions regarding school choice, size of school, costs. Crucial to explain facts to residents of town.

11.Policy – no action taken
a.Field Trips policy in progress
b.Acceptable Use / Social Media policy discussion
c.Policy organization status

12.Financial report
a.Warrant frequency update, procedures

13.Other unforeseen items -none

14.Executive session motion to enter ES at 9:30by BD, DW 2nd, roll call vote BD aye, Jim aye, Dewey aye.
a.Contract negotiations discussed
b.9:50 BD motion to exit es and adjourn, DW 2nd, roll call vote BD aye, Jim aye, Dewey aye.

15.Adjournment 9:50 by unanimous vote

Richmond School Committee October 8, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
October 8, 2013 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room
Present, Monica Zanin, Dewey Wyatt, Jenevra Strock, Michelle Smith, Jim Biancolo, Bianca Daigle, Barbara Ripa, Louise Brogan

1.Call to order 7:05

2. Public concerns Concern Louise Brogan, bus is still about 10 minutes late and 45 minute long ride. Barbara will speak to Terry from Dufour.

3.Correspondence DEP we have failed a water test, correspondence is missing data and Barbara will follow up. Water sample was taken in August.

4.Review and approval of September 18 minutes and executive session minutes. Number 5 letter h – AED (defibrillator) looking for central location. #7 -2 new sped- 1 res 1 SC (fully reimbursable from sending town) #11 #8 Town is in need of “additional”information, not “dire.” Water softener was a split cost with the town. Bianca motion to accept as amended, Dewey second- unanimously approved.

5.Principal’s report
a.MCAS, Looking at narrowing proficiency gaps for next year, we have reached or exceeded all targets this year. Changed targeted instruction in middle school and also in elementary, scheduled programming to best benefit the students. Support groups for reading in PreK and Kindergarten. Teachers looking at data and really focusing on achievement, with small class sizes it is ideal. Math intervention and common core in math instruction is important – our math target is 87 and we are at 85, goal will be challenging but is attainable. Reached level 1 status this year but as percentages increase each year and we are already in 80’s and 90’s and it may not be likely to improve much more. Teacher goals, example: science teacher wanted to incorporate more writing to subject; ELA teacher had data on open response, will meet to turn into student goal, based on needs of the kids.
b.October 2 PD, worked on SMART goals with teachers
c.Other, none

6.Superintendent’s report
a.Roof warranty follow-up, Gerry was not interested in renewing warranty, the town works with a company who takes care of all the municipal building.
b.Update on bussing, Bus goes to Stop and Shop on Dan Fox and picks up Lee and Lenox HS Students and takes them to PHS and Taconic.
c.BHRSD tuition agreement status, valid agreement in place, BH would like to renegotiate.
d.AED update, Jenevra and Mary felt it should be in hallway, not gym, going to be on wall between mens restroom and cafeteria. Alarmed to sheriffs office, called alarm company- medical emergency alert goes to alarm company and then they alert EMS. Mary Cochran recommended that we use our health grant $ to buy cabinetry and signage. AAA came out to view the site and will email quote to Barbara.
e.Grant-funding of playground audit, Jim and Barbara met with Matt Kerwood and he was aware of grant $ available to pay for safety audit. Report will assess safety issues and areas for improvement.
f.Meeting with new Town Treasurer Paul Lisi, very impressed with his willingness to problem solve. Will meet with Tammy monthly. Tammy will sit down with Angela tomorrow to review figures.
g.Other- Hancock tuition – revolving account can be set up here, it is at the town instead, about 87K. When we begin budget process clarify to the finance committee that we contribute funds from circuit breaker and tuition to town account (about 180k.)
“Gaga” pit – Matt Kerwood found reference in bylaws- the town has to advertise and sell the item, must be under $5000. Committee has to voted to declare gaga pit surplus and available for liquidation. Bianca moves, Dewey second, approved unanimously.

7.Special Education Director’s report, PAC meeting, no parents attended. One more PAC in spring. 2 SPED students need PT para, Sara Hogue was RIF’d last year and has accepted position and returned.

8.Town long-term planning project- Tuesday the 15th is next meeting 6pm.
a.Schedule open Q&A session with RSC, administration, in January
b.Discuss message to the long-term planning committee- full committee and Dr. Ripa, Monica Zanin will attend the next meeting.
c.Discuss hiring consultant in FY15

a.Retention of Student Records, 2nd reading BD, moved DW second, unanimously approved
b.Fiscal Accounting/Student Activity/Purchasing Authority 1st reading BD motion to accept, Dewey second, unanimously approved.
c.School Councils
d.Field Trip / Student Travel / Student Travel Regulations status – under organization
e.Acceptable Use and Social Networking status- under organization
f.Policy organization status

10.Financial report
a.Warrant frequency update, unemployment, textbooks and custodial supplies flagged.

11.Other unforeseen items – none

12.Executive session Jim asks for motion to enter ES, Bianca moves, Dewey second.
Roll call vote Bianca aye, Dewey aye, Jim aye.
a.Contract negotiations 9:20
10;39 Jim asks for motion to exit ES, Bianca moves, Dewey second:Roll call vote Bianca aye, Dewey aye, Jim aye.

13.Adjournment 10:40 to sign warrants

Richmond School Committee Meeting September 18, 2013 Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
September 18, 2013 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room
Present: Jim Biancolo, Dewey Wyatt, Bianca Daigle, Monica Zanin, Jenevra Strock, Barbara Ripa, Louise Brogan
1.Call to order 7:06

2.Public concerns Louise Brogan, bus has been inconsistent, driver has not been coming at same time. Terry Gardino from Dufour has been informed and will ride route this week.

Roof warranty, Gerry Coppola from DPW has been informed, will follow up to see if warranty is valid, thought not to be.

4.Review and approval of August 13 minutes and executive session minutes- School Improvement plan deferred due to Monica Zanin’s absence. Item #9, policy – all other than wellness were deferred.

5.Principal’s report
a. New staff – 3 new, Dan Sadlowsky – tech, Kelly Smedvig – art, Gretchen Winston, 4th grade – Dan & Kelly enrolled in new teacher mentoring program at MCLA.

b. Staff training and orientation, convocation – Kim Morandy from DSAC – data from MCAS embargoed until Friday, teachers have scores but can’t share yet.

c. Afternoon, PBIS – core values- CARES, group work, specialists in each class reviewing expectations, middle school assembly, read Wonder over the summer and had separate and group discussions.

d. Opening Day

e. Student count update 157 projected 151 actual

f. School Improvement Plan, will be distribute Friday to SC after MCAS can be public. Literacy goals, Science and Social Studies, Curriculum assessment , benchmarks within the school, goal setting. Oct 2 PD day will be creating student learning goal, professional goals. 5-8 new system rolling out, ticket system- non food rewards, homework passes etc.. Safety planning- sit down with team and design evacuation route. Family, school and community connections- Prek & k – right now, family can sign up to have lunch with the kids. Oct 24th Math Night- family and community come for 1.5 hrs and visit classroom- food fractions etc…

g. Garden committee asked for guidance, memorial trees? Removing flowers? Walkway? Input being gathered from town as to what direction

h. AED (defibrillator) who is trained? 9 regular staff 6 sped, discussion best central location, box that is alarmed?

I. School council- terms are up – new parents and community member and teachers need to be nominated

6.Superintendent’s report
a. Water softener cost sharing discussion – $7.4k override from construction $3710.46 will be paid by town, they would like us to pay half – Dewey- this expense not directly related to education of students.Table until after Financial report.
b. Convocation Day, breakfast, introductions, benchmarks, recognition of years of service. ELL and homeless coordinator – overview of services. New teacher evaluation presented by Barbara, to give information. Ann Gilligan gave anti bullying and anti harassment, adults model appropriate behavior, DA will be in to refresh but nice to have different perspective. Year off to great start.
c. Update on bussing, Terri and Barbara are working on routes
d. Parking lot and walkway improvements, very pleased with outcome. Handicapped accessible grade. Back sidewalk is lifting and Alan will put cones out.
e. Other 8:30 am PTO meet and greet with Dr. Ripa – met with Cathy Gamberoni and she will give survey out as to best time to have “coffee hour” with her, morning or evening.

7.Special Education Director’s report- Residential student is registered at MMRHS – saving difference, still looking at a residential school in future. Student taking 2 online courses as well. 2 new IEP students (1 resident, 1 choice, choice is 100% reimbursable for services from sending district) in need of classroom support, non compliance if not hiring additional para professional, need for part time paraprofessional, 3.5 hours a day, offer to return will be extended to the two paras who were non renewed. If not accepted, opening will be posted.

8.Update on town long-term planning project – Meeting was rescheduled to 9/17. Housing is a barrier to development of town. Pam Roberts, realtor, was coming to speak to committee. Looking at demographics, residents with children on decline, hard to find affordable housing. Tom of Regional Planning guides group through the discussion, long term planning discussed communicating data to public- town is in need of more information from school. United Way sponsored event Friday, Dewey is attending on behalf of his employer. Jim thanks Dewey for participating.

a.Retention of Student Records policy- JB motion to accept as first reading, BD moved, DW second
b.Field Trip policy Monica and Barbara will collaborate with the teachers who plan the trip and revise to present to SC in the future
c.Acceptable Use policy, need one for students- one for staff , needs revision
d.Policy organization status
e.Other policies to be created/reviewed in 2013-2014 school year

10.Financial report
a.Warrant frequency update, Paul Lisi new treasurer. Discrepancy in town’s figures vs. schools. 81k to town for SPED via circuit breaker, south Hancock tuition 78k, professional development paid for but not used 1500 back to town. Teacher put in for $200 reimbursement and got $2000, check went to town. Were anticipating over $90k rollover from choice account- have $50, ELL not needed savings of $32k, but need new hire part time SPED para. Grants are coming in, good projection of dollars.

11.Other unforeseen items – Water softener $3710.46 (represents a 50-50 split with town) out of maintenance Jim motion to approve appropriation moved BD, second DW, unanimously approved.

12.Executive session 9:51 motion to move to executive session BD, second DW: roll call vote – Bianca aye, Jim aye, Dewey aye
a.Contract negotiations
10:30 roll call vote to exit ES – Bianca aye, Jim aye, Dewey aye

13.Adjournment for signing of warrants

Richmond School Committee Meeting August 13, 2013 Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
August 13, 2013 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room
Dewey Wyatt, Jim Biancolo, Bianca Daigle , Barbara Ripa, Jenevra Strock, Michelle Smith , (Monica absent, traveling w. family.)

1.Call to Order 7:10

2.Public Concerns- None

3.Correspondence – None

4.Review and Approval of June 11 minutes amended financial report to state newly identified SPED costs. Jenevra misspelled, Bianca not listed. “Promotional Video” instead of wellness policy. #5 lights- brought to attention by Matt – the selectmen concerned over lights left on. Jim will follow up with Steve Patterson. Approved unanimously. July 10 approved unanimously.

5.Principal’s Report
a.New staff update new 4th grade teacher and new art teacher, new technology teacher
b.Summer trainings and workshops 5 teachers went to training to MCLA, one to Mt Holyoke and two to the Reading institute in Williamstown. Significant amount of time devoted to common core.
c.School Improvement Plan will be presented next month by Monica
d.Playground needs to be brought up to code before school opens, Moica working to resolve.

6.Superintendent’s Report, including:
a.Summer retreat/workshop update
b.CIC Grant progress update. Migration to Power School software going well, Natalie very adept at using software and getting up to speed quickly.
c.Update on capital projects, busses are being stored in Lenoxdale, routes have been redone, door to door same, routes more efficient not criss crossing.

7.Special Education Director’s Report, Former Richmond student in DCF has moved and is not in our district any longer. Richmond 9th grader enrolled in Chamberlin School in Middleboro and not doing well in program, no other local program suitable, maybe back to Monument but not likely, administration is meeting to see if they will be able to accept.

8.Update on town long-term planning project- Dewey, Committee very large, hard to reach agreement, marketing for town to bring families. Moderator doing good job steering discussions. Desire of town to see more families – lack of affordable housing cited as one issue.

a.Wellness Policy second reading, adoption vote, with 2 edits for spelling, BD motion to approve, Dewey 2nd, approved unanimously.
b.Field Trip Policy – will review next month
c.Acceptable Use Policy will review next month
d.Student Records Policy will review next month
e.Policy organization status will review next month
f.Other policies to be created/reviewed in 2013-2014 school year – will review next month

10.Financial Report
a.Warrant frequency update, Tammy P. back after medical leave and next warrant will be forthcoming.

11.Other Unforeseen items

12.Executive Session 8:30 Motion to enter ES Dewey, Second BD. Roll call vote, Bianca, aye, Dewey, aye, Jim, aye.
Roll call vote to exit ES at 9:00pm, Bianca, aye, Dewey, aye, Jim, aye.

13.Adjournment 9:00

May 14, 2013 School Committee Meeting Minutes

Richmond School Committee Meeting
May 14, 2013 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Conference Room
Present: Dewey Wyatt, Jim Biancolo, Bianca Daigle, Monica Zanin, Jenevra Strock, Michelle Smith, Mike Syzmanski, Deb Borosky. Dr. Ripa- absent

1.Call to Order -7:04

2.Public Concerns Mike Syzmanski, concerned that teachers are being reassigned in lower grades. Monica Zanin: puts teachers where they are most effective, high expectations and standards for early childhood team. Deb Borosky, feels that SPED is very important program and should be valued. Jim: reminds to please be respectful to teachers, not discuss personnel issues publicly. Bianca – staff are all skilled teachers, part of this organization and enjoy teaching, details will sort themselves out, kids will not be affected by changes.

3.Correspondence: none

4.Review and Approval of March 12, April 11 minutes March, under SI report “extraordinary cost” changes to “increased cost.” April – revise SI report – clarify regionalization study w. Lee/Lenox. Group budget items together into subsets, make easier to read. Unanimously approved as revised.

5.Principal’s Report
a.2013-2014 Calendar- snow day make up? BD will give calendar to parent who offered to review for conflicts w. Jewish holidays. BD move to accept, DW 2nd unanimously approved.
b.End-of-Year activities Heritage fest, great event, wonderful showcase for school. Concert, very impressive, chorus won gold. An author and a Math specialist came to school. Talent show, play, graduation, playground clean up all coming soon. 5 Adults and 11 students to Natures classroom trip. Philadelphia has security guard for hotel, chaperones being addressed by Monica in regard to supervision, Monica and Geoff Bell Devany both going on trip, Barbara Ripa will be at RCS as acting principal during trip.
c.School Choice 2014 update: 24 new SC, 6 Pre K, 10 new Richmond students. DW, what makes people purchase houses here? Monica – parents like pk-8 model and all the school has to offer.

6.Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Ripa absent, read by JB
a.Status of septic tank, Alan will report after it is pumped out. Engineering study- no bids, needs to be reworked.
b.Summer retreat/workshop for school committee and administration, can pick a date and come up with an agenda.
c.School Choice and Budget FY14; number of choice students is incorrect, 16 fewer students than budgeted about 20k less, originally $92k in fund applied to this budget – will have to make adjustments to compensate.

7.Special Education Director’s Report – CAP -corrective action plan fully approved by state. One student going into residential program this year and will be creating a significant cost increase.

a.Wellness policy status update, next meeting 31st- reading draft of policy. David Wyatt made a video for wellness program featuring Tammy Jervas, who runs our school lunch program, in the kitchen and garden.
b.Policy organization status
c.Next policies

9.Financial Report

10.Other Unforeseen items: MASC meeting may 18th, Warrants this week. School Council met are interviewing for art and tech job. Rebecca Fiske believes that some grads of Simons Rock may be interested in the position. Chris Begley had excellent ideas for position, STEM periods scheduled throughout the day- more tech needs to be incorporated into curriculum. A lot of STEM grants are available, Monica and David Purvis discussed. Council meeting again in June.

11.Executive Session- Roll call vote to adjourn to ES for discussion of negotiations at 9:25
Jim-aye, Dewey-aye, Bianca- aye.
a.Contract Negotiations
Roll call vote to exit ES at 9:30 to adjourn and sign warrants.
Jim-aye, Dewey-aye, Bianca- aye.

12.Adjournment 9:31

Richmond School Committee Minutes 4-11-13

Richmond School Committee Meeting
April 11, 2013 7:00 PM
Richmond Consolidated School Cafeteria

Present; Jenevra Strock, Barbara Ripa, Monica Zanin, Bianca Daigle, Dewey Wyatt, Natalie Gingras, Jim Biancolo, Robert Gniadek, Eileen Martin, Stevan Patterson, John Mason, Diane Pero, Linda Morse, Paula Patterson, John Whitney, Richard Stover, Matt Kerwood, Dan Fabiano, Louise Brogan, Kara Smith, Michelle Smith, Eric Smith, Eric Smith (2) , Rick Saupe
1. Call to Order at 7:05 by Jim Biancolo, introductions., noted that figures had been revised and the numbers stated below may differ slightly from handouts, but are accurate.
2. FY 2013-14 Budget Hearing
Total Budget amount $3, 081, 739.00 difference of $140,543 (vs FY 12/13
Increases: SPED tuition and transportation, ELL support 31k, total increase $272,812k. Richmond students count higher than last year. Reduction of 2 paraprofessionals (not 1 on 1 paras.) HS tuitions $422,500, several students in vocational programs, we provide transportation.
Revenue: Title 1 $8993, Title 2 $2557 REAP grant (rural achievement) $23,754 and Early Childhood $2500. Community Innovation Grant 52k – Projection $392,804. Pre School tuition 68K. $561.754K total SC + grants+ preschool
Total Salaries for teachers 1.1 million (605,405k after SC funds applied)
Total increases $322,356k, Teaching, SPED and other tuition, transportation, insurance.
Total Decreases, 181,813K, School Committee expenses (legal and ads,) SPED in house, PD, maintenance, supplies, unemployment.
Summary 3,643,493 total minus revenue 561,754k, Increase 4.8%
3. Public Concerns:
Suggestions: Stover: would like all SPED costs grouped. P. Patterson: teachers salaries are not accurate should show to town 1.1 million, not 600K, then state that income offsets salaries. Natalie: SPED salaries? OT, Speech, SPED teachers. Morse: how long obligated to support cost? J. Strock: until 22ys or graduation. Several are in residential programs. All SPED students are Richmond residents. JB, Dewey on Long Range Planning committee, dedication to making cost effective plan for future of school. Patterson, Library books? Fundraise through book fair. Stover: how many Richmond students choice out? Are families contacted to ask why and if they will come back? Patterson: why so expensive to educate students, private school costs lower than our per student cost? JB – Published costs of private schools not accurate, do not take into account donations, endowments etc.. Ripa: Reductions in staff, commitment to reflecting the community wishes. Stover: 602k sped costs, can not be avoided. Dewey, thanks to Barbara and Jim for doing the diligence to make budget acceptable. JB motion to adopt town appropriation 3,081, 739, moved BD – second DW. Unanimously accepted.
4. Correspondence – none
5. Review and Approval of March 12 minutes Bianca absent, minutes will be approved in May.
6. Principal’s Report – Monica: 10 new Richmond Students and 12 school choice for 2013-14 so far.
Positive feedback from parents touring the school. Heritage festival. April 24th, opportunity to showcase the program. Dance company from Schenectady coming to teach throughout the day. Professional development: teachers self assessment, talked about student data and create goals. Staff continues to collaborate. Calendar for 13-14 is ready, going to REA for vote.
7. Superintendent’s Report, participating in special meetings Hancock and New Ashford discussing regionalization, study is being conducted, financial advantages –disadvantages etc..Can take 2-3 years to regionalize.
a. Mt. Greylock’s K-12 regionalization study
b. Lee/Lenox collaboration discussion, looking at cost sharing etc.. In the future possibly apply for funds from DOE to hire a consultant to perform feasibility study of Lee-Lenox-Richmond Regionalization. Would only be proposal for hiring a consultant – DOE funds up to 1m for research – last year 20 districts applied for funding. DW, also look at Berkshire Hills in future?
c. Frequency of warrants, every 2 weeks? Acceptable to committee.
8. Special Education Director’s Report Parent Advisory Council met, Coordinated Review needed chair, one parent volunteered, so all pieces are complete.
9. Policies
a.Physical Restraint of Students – 2nd reading and adoption vote revised- staff shall inform ANY cases of restraint .JB motion to adopt as amended, BD moved, 2nd DW, Unanimously approved.
b.Wellness policy status update, meeting tomorrow. Meeting with David Wyatt to talk about video regarding food choices. Many items to choose from at snack, i.e. fruit, yogurt, cheese.
10. Long-Range Planning Committee
a.Dewey appointed, discuss/appoint as SC representative, will keep committee appraised of discussions.
11. Other Unforeseen items: Adam Dupre and Cindy Polinski have indicated they are ready to begin Para Professional Negotiations, Bianca will be SC delegate.
Motion to adjourn to ES – Dewey, Bianca second, Roll call vote Jim, aye, Bianca aye, Dewey aye. 9:15pm
12.Executive Session ( discuss Contract Negotiations)
Motion to exit ES to adjourn & sign warrants – 9:39 moved by DW, second JB, Roll call vote Jim, aye, BD aye, DW aye.
13. Adjournment 9:40

School Choice

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