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David Purvis

- Mon, Jan 27

8th grade: Lab writeup for the Falling water activity
7th grade: Finish conclusion for Rubber Chicken bone lab
6th grade: Earthquake matching worksheet

- Wed, Jan 22

8th grade: Journal entry in lab notebook describing sky-diving experience. Be sure to use air resistance, gravity, terminal velocity and of course, parachute.

7th grade: none
6th grade: none

- Wed, Jan 15

8th grade: labeled diagram in lab notebook: written explanation of straw in water trick that uses Bernoulli’s principle
7th grade:none
6th grade:none

- Mon, Jan 13

*8th grade: None
7th grade: quiz on skeletal system
6th grade: quiz on the moon

- Thurs, Jan 9

6th grade:Moon/Star Venn diagram including information from the Egyptian calendar handout

7th grade:Bones of the Body Crossword Puzzle

8th grade:Air Pressure worksheet

- Wed, Jan 8

8th grade: Diagram of Barometer in Lab notebook
7th grade: none
6th grade: All space and lunar assignments due by Friday

- Tuesday, Jan 7

8th grade: Pie chart of Gases in atomosphere
7th grade: none
6th grade: none

- Wed Nov 13

6th grade: Quiz on Friday
7th grade: none
8th grade: Atmospheric Pie Chart due at the end of Wed class; MCAS review sheet due Tuesday

- Thursday, Nov 7th

6th grade: Working on Star and Galaxy portfolio. By now, students should have the sun diagram and the sunspot graph completed.

7th grade: Egg Mummy lab writeup

8th grade: none

- Mon, Nov 4th

6th grade: Today the 6th grade started working on a Star/Galaxy Portfolio. The majority of work will be done in class: however if students fall behind they may work on individual assignments at home.

    Assignments to Start

-Sun diagram
-sunspot graph

7th grade: none
8th grade: none