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Frankie Shack sold the winning ticket for our Gourmet Food Basket!!!



- 6th grade science 10-16-11

6th graders have been studying astronomy.

For the first few weeks we have learned many specific facts about our solar system focusing on each planet and their moons. On friday of the last few weeks we went to the computer room to do more in depth research.  Go to and check it out. (There will be a science test next week).  Then we will continue to focus on the Earth, its moon, the moon’s phases, gravity, and the tides for the rest of October.  Ask your 6th grader to bring their science notebook home to review their notes and all that they have learned.

- 5th and 6th Grade-10-16-11

I just wanted to thank all families for helping with our fund raising efforts–and there have been a lot:

Joe Corbi (to benefit whole school),

Magazine drive (to benefit 5th and 6th grade),

Gourmet food basket raffle (to benefit 5th and 6th grade),(your students can pre-sell tickets)

and take a guess (of some item in a jar)  to win snacks for extended day (both basket and guess how many? will be at the craft fair 5th and 6th grade table)


- 5th Grade Math

Fifth Graders have finished :

Chapter 1- Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction.

Please have your 5th grader show you what they have learned by solving some problems like:

-reading and writing whole numbers to 100 billion and decimals to thousandths

-solve equation with exponents

-write numbers in standard, expanded, expanded using exponents, word  and small word form.

-compare and order whole numbers and decimals

Chapter 2: Addition and Subtraction

-estimate sums and differences

-add and subtract all sizes of numbers

-addition properties

-some algebra-solve equations with variables  ex.  11-n=?    when n=3  etc.  or 12+y=25  y=?

5th graders have taken both chapter tests.  Please be sure to preview all the work that they have done so far in the packet sent home on 10-5-11.  Sign and return.  Thank-you!


- 6th Grade Math

The topics covered so far in sixth grade Math with Mrs. A.:

Number sense and algebraic thinking. Please ask your sixth grader to solve examples like:

-any +, -, x, and division problems

-orally say a number to write (into the billions)

-read a number (into the billions)

-round to the underlined digit 4,56,230 (underline any digit)

-estimating numbers  (including sums, differences, products, and quotients)

-powers and exponents

-order of operations as in an ex.  like this: 14- 2 x 5 =

-variables and expressions as in exs. like this:  x -8  when x=10, —y+2=2  y=?

- 5th Grade Science

The fifth graders are studying the six forms of energy:



   Radiant-this includes Heat, Solar, and Light



   Mechanical-this includes Gravitational and Motion

Please have your 5th grader explain to you the forms they have learned about so far.




- Monday, September 19, 2011


There will be NO EXTENDED DAY on Wed. Sept. 21, 2011, after the Camp Becket Chimney Corners Field trip.

Please be sure to pick your child up at 3 Pm or send them home on the bus.  Thanks.

- Thursday, September 1, 2011

5th and 6th grade news:

Extended day is going well!  Please check agendas nightly.  If you see a comment from me then something needs to be completed at home.  If there is any concern, please call  me directly on my cell 413-446-3644.

Please try to form two lines of cars in the front, school driveway.  I would like to have all cars in the first row leave before I let any student get into cars of the second row.  Try to stay in your cars so pick-up can go smoothly.  If you need to come into the school, please park around back.  Safety first!!

Send a note only if your child will NOT be staying til 4 pm.  Call the school and let Natalie know if you forget.

Your 5th or 6th grader will be able to purchase an afternoon snack.  We will begin this on Tuesday, Sept. 6th.  Note that snacks are $.40 and drinks are $.50 and will be charged to your account.  Otherwise please send drink and snack to eat.  Thanks.

Chimney Corners field trip on Tuesday, Sept. 6th, 2011.  Please send permission slips by Friday.

We would like to have all parent e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers.  Please e-mail them to us BOTH at and  If I have a problem at anytime (especially during Extended Day, I would like to be able to call you quickly.

We are loving what we are doing!  We hope your children are loving it too!  If not, please call us so we can help change it.

See you at the BBQ on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011.

Mrs. A. and Mrs. C.


- Monday, December 13, 2010

Read something everyday! 🙂

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