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Lisa Callahan

- Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Math~  Complete top section of math worksheet.

Social Studies Test next Tuesday.  Start studying.

ELA~ Do you owe me an essay?  If so…….please get it to me by Friday.


- Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

No homework!  Please be safe if you are out tonight.

Book Fair money is needed tomorrow to purchase your selections.

Have a safe night!  Boo!

- Tuesday, October 9, 2012


ELA~Write 15 sentences that contain prepositional phrases.  Diagram the sentences.

Reading~ Vocabulary test on Friday.  Spelling counts.  (Compressions, neutral, insistently, minute, intentionally, normally, grumbled)  You have these defined in your notebook.

Permission slips for field trip due tomorrow.  Please don’t forget…..

- Friday, September 14, 2012

No Homework.

Read my email, sent to parents.

Field Trip on Wednesday.

- Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No homework tonight.  Everyone worked super hard during double Math!  Way to go.


The children got lockers today.  Some will have to share, but it is only for backpacks and coats.  All of our books are in our desks.  Enjoy the evening!


- Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ELA~ Please complete the worksheets we started in class.

Reminder of magazine orders.

Have a great night!  Read for 30 minutes…..

- Thursday, February 16, 2012

History 7 ~ None

Reading 6 ~ None

ELA 5 ~ None

ELA 6 – None

Social Studies 5 ~ None.  Great job today with presentations.

- Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reading:  Literature Book, page 84.  Questions 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A.

ELA 5:  3 worksheets on Subject/Verb Agreement, and verb to be.

ELA 6:  Did not meet today, therefore, none!

History 7:  None.  We had a test today!

Social Studies 5:  None, we had a test today!

Reminders:  Conferences this week.  Please call office and sign up.

- Friday~ September 30, 2011

Well, it is the final day of September and I am finally getting organized enough to get my daily comments, notes, and homework, posted to this great web site.  Thank you for your patience during this long wait!

It was a productive week.  In the 5th grade, we started Unit 2 in Social Studies, and continued to work on our vocabulary and writing in ELA.  Please note that vocabulary tests have not required proper spelling, (I have provided a word bank), but in the next few weeks, we will be adding spelling to the “mix”.  Social Studies class completed Unit 1, which included maps, geography, and regions of the United States.  Your child created a Travel Brochure which I have hung in the hall, stop by and see it!  It is based on the 9 regions of the United States, and they are wonderful!  Community Service Group was busy stuffing envelopes for the school, helping with the sweeping, and assisting on bulletin boards in our halls.  Thank you 5th grade!

6th Grade: We are in full swing in reading class, learning about the “Big Question:  How Do We Know What Is True?”, deciphering between fact and fiction, predicting outcomes, and a big section on Plot.  Ask your child to tell you the components of plot….expositions, rising action, climax, falling actions, resolution. Next week we will get more in depth with characters and setting.  In ELA, we are working very hard on understanding sentences.  Subject, Predicates, Simple Subject, Simple Predicates, Nouns, and verbs.  The week became a challenge when we started with compound subjects, compound predicates, and compound sentences.  Please ask your child how they are feeling about these concepts now.  They are the building block foundation to writing, so we need to be sure everyone is on board.  Writing~it has been a rough start.  Not sure if everyone is just out of the groove, or if they are lacking direct instruction in paragraph writing, topic development, etc.  We are starting at the beginning and we will take it step by step to ensure success.

7th Grade History~ The Ancient World History is going well.  We have reached Chapter 2: The Fertile Crescent, moving towards Babylonia, Assyria, and on to Judaism by the end of next week.  Time Lines are in and they look great.

Magazine Fund Raiser will be starting soon.  This is the number one way in which the 5/6 grade collects money for future field trips.  Please consider selling some magazines to your family and friends.  More details to come.

Some housekeeping items:

Your 5th and 6th  graders have library on Friday.  Please be sure books come back!

Snack is back to original Richmond schedule, 10:10-10:25

Be sure all jackets and sweaters have names clearly marked on the inside.

Kindness counts!

That’s all for now…..

Have a great weekend,

Lisa Callahan

- Friday~ September 2, 2011

Excellent first week back at school.

Thank you to all the 5th and 6th grade students for making it great!

Reminder that Chimney Corners Field Trip is on Tuesday.  We will return to school at 5:30, just in time for the PTO BBQ.  Remember to dress appropriately.  Sneakers are a must!  Maybe a light jacket as well.  Watch the weather.

I am reachable at most times.  My cell is 413-237-7289.  I am up early (5am) each morning and go to bed by 10.  Communication is the key to a successful year and I hope that you feel comfortable enough to do so.  I am here for you and your child.

Hope to see you at the BBQ.  Enjoy your long weekend.


Lisa Callahan

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