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Sharon Renfrew

- Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Complete answers on page 24, Reviewing main idea, questions 2,3,7,8. due Wed.

Test on Friday

- 6th Grade Social Studies October 24,2011

Make up test Chapter 1, Latin America on Wed. Oct 26.

Homework:  Complete power notes Chapt. 2. Section 2  due Thursday Oct. 27

- 6th Grade Social Studies, October 18, 2011

Tues. review questions and answers on study guide, Chapter 1, sections, 1,2,3

Wed. review questions and answers on study guide, Chapter 1, sections 1, 2, 3

Thursday, review vocabulary words and places on Latin America maps identified in

study guide (see black composition book) 

Friday, Test on chapter 1, section 1,2,3 Latin America book

- 6th Grade Social Studies

Social Studies test on Chapter 1, Latin America book on Friday, Oct. 21. The  study guide was passed out today (Oct. 17

- 6th Grade Social Studies

p. 19 answer question 6 , Due Monday

- Grade 6 Social Studies

We have been studying the 5 themes of Geography and looking at maps, lines of longitude and latitude, and various projections.  Vocabulary words from this material will go home Tuesday, Sept. 20 and there will be a quiz on Friday Sept. 23.  Today is Constitution Day at Richmond School. Aslk your child to discuss their Rights in School.

- April 26 Grade 5 & 6

Grade 6 Social Studies   None

Grade 5 Social Studies    Complete highlighting of packet, p. 94-99. Due Wed.

Grade 5 Reading: Answer questions 1-3  for Johnny Tremain, p194-204

Grade 5 Lang. Arts:  study spelling words

- Grades 5 & 6 April 25

Grade 6 Social Studies   None

Grade 5 Social Studies   Read p. 94-97 in packet, Highlight important details, Due Wed.

Grade 5 Lang Arts:  Complete spelling page, if not done in class

Grade 5 Reading:  None

- March 3 Grade 5 & 6

Grade six Social Studies:   begin studying for Latin America test, chapter 2 Test will be on Tuesday  March 8

Grade Five Social Studies: none

Reading: finish reading chapter 5 (Part II) if you didn’t get it done in class

Lang. Arts:  none, unless you didn’t get yesterday’s paragraph written. DG, BS

- March 2 Grades 6 & 5

Grade 6 Social Studies:  Write vocabulary definitions, page 60, Reviewing Key Terms

numbers 1,2,3,4,5,7,9.13.15,16 Due Thursday. Begin studying for test on Chaper 2

pages 34-61. Test will be on Tuesday, March 8

Grade 5 Social Studies:  Complete page 1 in Children of Plimoth, MA packet about listing jobs and work done by Pilgrim Children and by Wampanoag Children. due Thurs.

Reading: None

Lang. Arts Write a descriptive paragraph, using colorful language and at least one simile. Due thurs.

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